THE Farm

Silverdale Farm is a stunning 260-acre thoroughbred broodmare property situated in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Only 1.5 hours south of Sydney, the location provides excellent access for visitors and to Sydney’s major training centres and racetracks.

We are uniquely situated for Thoroughbred breeding with a cool climate, fertile soils and lush, high-rainfall pastures which extend to rich undulating paddocks. The property has an abundance of underground water from seven natural springs, a vital natural resource that this valley is renowned for. This spring water supplies all of the stock’s drinking water.

Our excellent facilities, coupled with a professional and passionate team, provide the best possible environment for raising thoroughbreds of the highest quality. With an ethos of preparing for life, not just preparing for sales, we focus on producing tough, sound athletes with good bone.

Whilst it’s still early days, we are excited with our stock demonstrating that they can run early, winning pre-Christmas 2-year-old races and early graded races, as well as being able to perform on both wet and good tracks.

uniquely situated for Thoroughbred breeding

The Parade Grounds – Manicured lawns and a hospitality hut provides a perfect backdrop for inspections.

The Yearling Barn – Top class facilities complete with woodchip day yards, undercover round yard, walker and treadmill, infrared heating and 24hr camera surveillance.

Grass Yards – The outdoor grass yards allow our horses to spend time between education sessions out in the sunshine, before being stabled again in the evenings.

Water Systems – Seven natural springs provide an abundance of water and natural drainage,
minimising soggy winter paddocks.

The Vetting Area – As with all the infrastructure at Silverdale, the vetting area is specially designed for ease of use and safety for both humans and equines.

The Hill Road – As well as treadmills and walkers, our horses get daily hand-walks up and down the Hill Road.

The Feeding Pens – These pens allow us to feed horses individually, meaning we can tailor nutrition requirements for each horse.

The Paddocks – 230 acres of lush, undulating pastures provide fantastic natural exercise grounds during early development. Each paddock is named after a horse or human that’s helped in the growth and development of Silverdale.

Farm Location – Silverdale provides excellent access for visitors, being only 1.5 hours south of Sydney.