The property has an abundance of underground water from seven natural springs, a vital natural resource that this valley is renowned for. We have drought-proofed the property through careful contouring of the land and use of our natural resources. The soil is rich in minerals, trace elements and nutrients necessary for nurturing growing stock and guaranteeing they have every opportunity to fulfill their potential.

We are not required to irrigate our pastures as other areas. Special drainage has been extensively installed throughout the property to collect the water in a central holding tank. From there it’s distributed throughout the property and is being extended to the water troughs so every horse will be provided with natural spring water. Something which we believe is unique to Silverdale.

Our temperatures are cooler and our horses acclimatise better with the cold than with the heat. Silverdale has been compared more to the area around Cambridge NZ more so than the Hunter.

The soil on the property is rich in minerals, trace elements, and nutrients ensuring the best nurturing for growing stock and providing our horses every opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Our location in the Southern Highlands is a major advantage being closer to the racetracks in Sydney. From an international perspective, the racing environment in NSW is right up there with the best in the world for facilities, prize money, and production of world-class bloodstock. Our owners and partners find the farm very accessible allowing them to keep in touch with their horses.

Our excellent facilities provide the best possible environment for raising thoroughbreds of the highest quality. Clients can keep in regular contact via our 10 accessible cameras, our website or directly with our passionate team.

Our Facilities

  • State of the art security
  • Webcam access
  • Round the clock care
  • Passionate team
  • Oxygen bottles for foals
  • Custom foaling mats for transferring foals
  • Infra-red heating in shelters

  • IgG machine to read IgG by refractometry
  • Special purpose-built foaling units encompassing 24 hour supervision
  • Equine transport on call 24hrs
  • Quarantine and isolation facilities
  • Expert sales preparation and presentation for the major Australian sales – weanling, yearling and broodmare
  • The tailored feeding system


Silverdale have paddocks named after some of Steve’s other interests in the industry and the horses that have been incremental in building his passion.

These include Kinema, who won for Steve, Richard Pegen, Ken Lowe and partners at Royal Ascot in 2016. He won the Duke of Edenbrough stakes and it was a fabulous day, with a week of celebrations that followed.

Kinema has since returned to Silverdale and spends his time as a nanny or companion for the newcomers who need a friend during the settling in process.

Another paddock is named after Rebel Dane. Steve and his close friend and partner, Ken Lowe, bought into Rebel Dane and the family after his win in the Rupert Clarke Group 1. Their decision was cemented when Rebel Dane went on to his second Group 1 win in the Manakato Stakes in 2016.